Peer Support in Veterinary Practice

This course is aimed at practicing vets who are looking to gain the personal resources and skills to psychologically support themselves and their colleagues within this demanding profession.

This course is worth 36 hours of CPD

Course Content

The course has two components: an initial training of 30 hours, followed by fortnightly reflective practice groups for the remainder of the year (excluding April, August and December). The teaching is largely experiential.

The skills learned through the training include: high level communication skills, being a good listener, helping others to make decisions without giving advice, assertiveness and managing and communicating about sensitive issues. An emphasis is placed on learning to monitor your own wellbeing and limits within the supportive situation, and when best to refer on the person to whom you are giving support. 

Reflective Practice

Post training we will continue to meet as a group for Reflective Practice. This will provide you with a space to reflect on your experiences of supporting others and develop and enhance your skills. Additionally these meetings will provide regular support and continuing personal development for the group members.

What you can expect to gain from joining your training group?

  • Friendship and support within the group
  • A wide range of transferable skills in listening, communicating and relating to others 
  • Increased self-awareness, confidence, and self-esteem 
  • A greater ability to manage your time, set boundaries, and care for yourself 
  • Organisational and leadership experience

Course Structure

There are  online groups starting in January, May and September 2022

One course option is primarily held on Mondays 19.00 – 20.30 GMT and is aimed at UK residents. Initial training takes place over 10 weeks and includes ten 90 minute evening sessions plus 2 Saturdays.

One course option is primarily held on Tuesdays 06.00 – 09.00 GMT and is aimed at New Zealand & Australian residents. Initial training takes place over 10 weeks and includes ten 3 hour sessions.

Reflective practice starts in May and we meet fortnightly for 60 minutes. 

Course Facilitator 

Tina Usherwood   (Founder of Liverpool University Peer Support Program & Psychodynamic Psychotherapist)


£800 for individuals (2 payments option also available)

£850 for organisational places (full payment required) 

Bursaries available for ex Liverpool Peer Supporters 

To register, or for further information, please contact: