Therapeutic Connections

The relationship is at the heart of all our work.


Therapeutic Connections provide professional online psychological support to individuals, groups, students, and healthcare practitioners.

Tina Usherwood
(Director of Therapeutic Connections and Therapist)

Tina is a qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and trainer with over 20 years experience. She is particularly interested in supporting others involved in caring professions through training, supervision and reflective practice groups. She is accredited by the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP).


Supervision provides an opportunity for the psychotherapist or counsellor to reflect on all aspects of their professional development. Individual and/or group sessions are available for both trainees and more experienced practitioners.

Reflective practice

Reflective practice groups provide a safe forum in which practitioners can achieve a better understanding of the impact of their work on themselves and others, in order to improve wellbeing and effectiveness.

Nature Connected Psychotherapy (Ecotherapy)

Nature Connected Psychotherapy is a combination of traditional psychotherapy with an ecological mindset, where we can engage with nature as part of the therapy. Taking psychotherapy outside into the natural world can help us explore, understand and integrate our inner world and life experiences. Spending time in nature can also deepen the therapeutic process of reflection and our potential for healing.

Peer support training

CPD courses for practicing Veterinary Surgeons or Health Care Practitioners looking to gain the personal resources and skills to psychologically support themselves and their colleagues within this demanding profession.

Training courses and ongoing support for Veterinary or Medical students within universities wishing to provide Peer Support Services.



We offer safe, non-judgmental and confidential psychotherapy in which you can get help with immediate or long-term issues that may be difficult to discuss openly at home or at work.